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diving and snorkeling in the world's strongest maelstrom

Saltstraumen is located at the top of Kystriksveien (the Coastal Route), about 30 minutes from Bodø city center. Saltstraumen is known worldwide for its powerful whirlpools, and is considered the world's strongest tidal current. The tide pushes through the narrow and shallow strait under the Saltstraumen bridge on its way in and out of Skjærstadfjorden. This creates the world famous maelstrom with its beautiful whirlpools. The nutrient-rich water that is pushed up from the depths creates a unique fauna and a wonderful rich marine life.

Saltstraumen became one of Norway's first marine protected areas in 2013. If you want to experience Saltstraumen at its strongest, visit us when the moon is full - or new. If you want to take pictures underwater, choose to visit us closer to half moon.

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We follow the shoreline, where you can see the kelp fluttering in the current below you, schools of fish, colourful anemones and if you are lucky, a wolffish. We are careful to choose snorkeling places that do not take us out in the big whirlpools, ship lanes or the strongest currents.


Everything you need is included in the price; dry suit, fins, mask, snorkel, hood and gloves. But you must bring warm clothes to wear under the dry suit, such as a layer of wool or two.  During the briefing you get information about how the equipment is used, techniques for snorkeling, hand signals, how to get in and out of the boat, safety and a little about the wildlife you will see during snorkeling. A guide is with you in the water, and the boat is always nearby if someone wants to get out of the water before the others.


Recommended lower age 12 years, due to the smallest dry suits we have are adult XXS. You need to have some basic swimming experience.

Contact us to book snorkeling. Our main season is May to October. We need at least 2 people to arrange a trip, and we bring a maximum of 6-8 in the boat.

We accept cards (VISA, Mastercard etc.) or Vipps. We do not take cash.

Priece per person: 900 NOK

The snorkeling take 1,5-2 hours

and we spend 45-60 minutter in the water

Diving in Saltstraumen with its unique marine life, wild current and beautiful geology


Here you can experience large schools of pollock, and get in close contact with a large cod that graze in the kelp forest. Meet impressive wolffish face to face. Enjoy the sight of a huge halibut that gracefully sails through the water. Study beautiful nudibranches or colorful anemones, and watch kelp forests dance in the streams.


The strong currents and steep walls make it demanding to dive here. So to dive with us in the Saltstraumen itself, you must be a certified dry suit diver, and master the dry suit well., And preferably be AOW-certified. How demanding the diving is depends on the lunar phase, and how big the difference is at high tide on the day in question.


We are diving from both land and from a boat. All our dive sites are within 1-7 minutes by boat or car. We have one of our best land dives straight from the quay at NORD&NE. To take out the boat, a minimum of 3 divers is needed. We do not take larger groups than 6 guests in the boat.


For beginners or divers who do not have sufficient experience with dry suit, we have a couple of areas outside the strong current, about 15-25 minutes drive away. These are also the places we use for courses, with plenty of underwater life to see there as well.

Yarrell's blenny looking out of its cave - photo Vebjørn Karlsen
Polycera quadrilineata on kelp leaf - photo Vebjørn Karlsen
Gonactinia prolifera (storey anemone) in a blue sea shell - photo Vebjørn Karlsen
Wolffish Thærie and his lady - photo Vebjørn Karlsen


Divers are welcome to the Saltstraumen marine park, but respect our desire to take care of the diversity. The only things we bring up are experiences and beautiful photos.

Wolffish looking out throught anemones - photo Vebjørn Karlsen

Through many years of diving in Saltstraumen, we feel a great respect for the current and life in it, both above and below water. This is a unique piece of nature, and the desire to ensure that it remains so in the future grows stronger with each dive.


Some years ago, there were very many divers who hunted in Saltstraumen. A self-imposed ban on underwater hunting for wolffish has led to diving in Saltstraumen for a number of years now being about experiencing and taking pictures, not hunting. We want to help ensure that this remains the case, and therefore have no-hunting policy at NORD&NE.


The Saltstraumen marine protected area is not large, but it is a very important spawning area with an enormously complex species diversity. Giving fish life a respite in the protection zone will increase the fish stock in the entire immediate area.


Welcome to the Saltstraumen marine park, but respect our desire to take care of diversity. The only things we bring up are experiences and beautiful photos.